Nanny Duties and Responsibilities


What Are the Nanny Duites?

Here is a nanny duites and responsibilities guide

What are the nanny duties? before you decide to hire a caregiver you need to think over the tasks you need him to be responsible for. Should they focus only on the child and his needs or also on other duties like cleaning and cooking? If she will be a live-in nanny, what are her rights and what are the house rules? If you take all of these, what should be the right nanny wage? All of these needs to be discussed and agreed prior to hiring a nanny and should be placed in a nanny contract.

What should these duties include? they should includes all aspects which are related to her job description as a childcare provider such as - Work hours and schedule, cooking, cleaning, laundry or transportation, cell phone, the house phone, and any house computers/Internet, meals & grocery, Hourly rate & Frequency of pay, vacation, health benefits, taxes, bonus, spacial payments, confidentiality & termination notice. In a general statement you should put in writing in a nanny agreement and describe the nanny’s daily routine when if possible up to the smallest possible details. This would be the nanny responsibilities list.

Ask your nanny for her input. As you write your own tasks list of your caretaker, you can ask her to do so as well so you could have a better view of how she see things from her side. You might be surprised, for good or bad, from her inputs. You will be able to learn more about how she think it should be done and by this to conclude if you see it eye-to-eye. It’s better to discuss disagreements at the right time and before she actually start to work for you.

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