USA Babysitting Rates in 2013

 What is the Average Sitting Rate in USA for 2013?

Use this babysitting rate calulator and discover the right rate for you

When thinking of hiring a babysitter there is always the question of how much to pay a babysitter? should it be according to her age? experience, or the number of children? What about the sitting time – should you pay less for a sitting services during the day compared to night babysitting? Some of the top nanny sites on the web can help you with these questions.

Well, the answer is that it’s a mix of all of these factors together including her past recommendations which should be an important part of your decision. The information you need to look for is the average sitting ratesin your area. Ask other parents what are they paying for a sitter to get a better clue what is the acceptable rate. Another thing you can do is use a baby sitter calculator rate that can provide you with an estimation of the hourly rate for a sitter according to the following factors – your location (zip code), the caregiver age, the number of children she needs to take care and the number of years she is working as a child care provider.

The result will be an hourly sitting rates which you can offer your sitter as a start. Of course, you need to consider her view in this matter in order to reach an understanding on the final babysitter salary. On top of setting the sitting fee you should also think about a special bonus you can offer her after a period of time – few weeks or month, if she will preform well. This can give her another intensive for the long run…


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